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Put simply - we’re passionate about creating incredible music for children’s media


Award-winning music for children

Score Draw Music are multi award-winning in our music work across animation and live action for children’s media. From pre-school cartoons to feature films, we’re happiest when writing music in this area. We believe in writing UP to children and it’s a core value that we hold on to every time we’re putting together a cue, song or titles piece.

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Working around the globe

Whether writing songs to record with Dolly Parton in Tennessee for the multi-award winning pre-school series Lily’s Driftwood Bay, through to talking about our process of working in children’s media at places like SXSW and BAFTA London, and winning awards such as the Royal Television Society NI’s music award for our work in children’s animation, we are constantly pushing ourselves to write exceptional work for kids shows.


Songs, score and titles

We have scored over 500 episodes of children's animation across a huge variety of genres. From the work we’ve done in Sixteen South/Disney Junior animation ‘Claude’ which leans into 1950s Jazz, through to pastoral orchestral work on HiT Entertainment and Mattel’s show WellieWishers, our work reaches millions of children every day.


Live action work

Outside of animation, our work in songs and music for children’s live action has ranged from beloved CBBC shows such as Millie Inbetween and The Secret Life of Boys through to global feature films such as A Christmas Star (whose cast includes Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson)


Adding value through experience

Outside of bespoke music creation we’ve taken our work to UK and European festivals - creating live score experiences for children and playing our songs and cues live to picture on stage. We’ve also recorded children’s songs with a range of diverse artists such as Mark Gardener (Ride), Tim Wheeler (Ash), Hannah Peel, Heather Wilde (Lanterns On The Lake), Luke Sital-Singh and Roddy Woomble (Idlewild)

You can hear our work everyday all around the world

Selected work highlights